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Webcast Auktion – Telefonkonferenz

HINWEIS: Dieses Auktionsformat kommt ausschließlich in den USA zur Anwendung.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass GoIndustry DoveBid zwei verschiedene Webcast-Auktionsformate anbietet: (1) Telefonkonferenz und (2) Internet Webcast Auktion. Auf der jeweiligen Verkaufsseite finden Sie Informationen, welches Format zum Einsatz kommt - in Kontinentaleuropa üblicherweise die Internet Webcast Auktion.

  1. Signing Up
  2. Downloading Teleconference Software
  3. Testing Internet Connection & Telephone
  4. Logging in on Sale Day
  5. Bidding via Teleconference Software & Phone
  6. Absentee/Proxy Bids
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

Signing up for a Webcast Teleconference

  • Select the Auction in which you wish to participate
  • Click on the "Register for the Webcast" button
  • Register to create account, agree to terms & get bidder number
  • To bid electronically, you must register online. Bidder numbers obtained from the physical auction site cannot be used online.
  • If you are already registered with GoIndustry DoveBid, select the "Login" option. If you are new to GoIndustry DoveBid, you need to select "Register now" and complete the registration process. Please be sure to complete both steps.
  • Complete the Payment Details form (if applicable) and return to the fax number indicated on the form (this page appears automatically once you accept the Terms and Conditions of Sale). A confirmation email is sent to you thanking you for signing up.
  • Upon receipt of your fully completed Payment Details form, the approval process begins. An email confirming your approval will be sent to you.

Downloading Teleconference Software

To participate in the webcast teleconference auction, you need to download the teleconference software to your computer.

  • Go to the auction page that you have signed up for, here you will find:
    1. Your Bidder Number,
    2. Show Number,
    3. Link to Download Teleconference Software, and
    4. Teleconference Phone Numbers.
  • Click on the link of "Download Teleconference Software" to download the software.
  • You will be asked to enter the Show Number and Your Bidder Number.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the software installation.
  • Upon completion, you will find the teleconference software named "GoIndustry DoveBid Client" appears on your desktop screen.


Testing Internet Connection & Telephone

We recommend that you perform this simple test identify any problem with your computer's settings & telephone connection in advance of the sale.

  • To test the teleconference software, double-click the teleconference software icon on your computer's desktop. Enter the required information and click "OK" to proceed.
  • Once you are connected successfully, a popup window will appear with the auction information.
    1. If the auction has not started, you will see a blank screen with greeting message.
    2. If the auction is in progress, you will see the item that is currently up for bid.
  • To test your telephone, call the provided teleconference numbers. Note you are not allowed to use mobile phone to dial in due to the potential background noise which will disturb the auction in progress.


Logging in on Sale Day

  • On your computer's desktop, double-click the teleconference software icon named "GoIndustry DoveBid Client". Enter the required information and click "OK" to proceed.
  • Once you are connected successfully, a popup window will appear.
  • If the auction is in progress, you will see the item that is currently up for bid. The screen automatically refreshes itself to display the lot currently up for sale.
  • To listen to the auction, you have the two options by using either computer speaker or telephone.
    1. To listen by speaker, click on the "Listen by Streaming" button on the toolbar.
    2. To listen through your telephone, click on the "Listen by Phone" button on the toolbar. Then using your telephone, dial the provided teleconference phone numbers to connect to the auction. Once the operator connects you to the auction, you should hear the auctioneer calling the lot number and the asset(s) up for sale in real-time.
  • If you intend to bid in the auction, you must be prepared to listen through your telephone at least 20 lots prior to the lot on which you wish to bid or before the auction starts.


Bidding via Teleconference Webcast

If you intend to bid in the auction using the Telephone Webcast, you must be listening on the Telephone prior to the moment when the lots that interest you are up for bid.

  • Dial in the teleconference numbers and stay on the phone. Wait patiently for the lot(s) you are interested to come up.
  • When the auctioneer is calling the lot you want to bid, Press *1 (star one) on your phone to "raise your paddle" to join the bidding.
  • When the price is too high or you no longer want to bid on the current lot, Press # (pound) once on your phone to "lower your paddle" to withdraw yourself from bidding.
  • If the auctioneer announces the phone lines are open, you must call out your bid by saying "YES" to the auctioneer, DO NOT use the phone keypad again.

If you have difficulties connecting to the teleconference software or phone, call the following support numbers:

  • 1 888 865 7469 (North America)
  • +44 (0) 1452 556 226 (Europe)
  • 1800 766 770 (Australia)
  • +61 2 8273 9997 (Hong Kong)
  • 1800 616 3051 (Singapore)
  • +1 706 643 3559 (All other locations)


Absentee/Proxy Bids

If you are unable to participate during the day of the auction, you do have the option (only if you have been approved) to place absentee/proxy bids.

Absentee bids/proxy bids are intended only for bidders who cannot bid on the day of the sale.

All bids are final and binding. Please re-read the description and re-check the quantity before placing a bid.

No bids include any applicable buyer's premiums and sales taxes. The applicable buyer's premium is indicated in the auction brochure or on the website. These items will be included on your invoice if your bid(s) are successful.

No warranties are made as to the merchantability of any item(s) being auctioned or their fitness for any particular purpose.

Arrangements for removal and shipment of purchased item(s) will be the sole responsibility of the buyer pursuant to and as part of the contract of sale.

Proxy bids are subject to a 25% deposit in advance. successful bidders will have this amount applied towards their balance. unsuccessful bidders will have their deposit returned. instructions and forms for submitting absentee/proxy bids can be found on the individual event page.

The auctioneer determines the price. Opening bids (minimum price), increments and minimum number of items you must purchase will be set by the auctioneer when the asset is placed up for sale. It all happens in real-time.

The auctioneer determines who wins. The auctioneer has complete discretion when to accept proxy bids. in addition, the auctioneer's announcements at the time the lot is sold take precedence on any and all published materials. There is no substitute for participating in an auction in person.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What information do I need in order to join the teleconference auction via the Internet?
    You will need the following registration information: Your bidder number, the Auction show number, the Auction teleconference number.
  2. How can I ask the auctioneer a question during the sale?
    Once the sale starts, you may communicate with the auctioneer through the Auction Leader (the GoIndustry DoveBid Webcast operator in the room with the auctioneer) using the teleconference software. The Auction Leader can relay a message to the responsible persons in the auction room. To contact the Auction Leader, use the Message feature located in the toolbar on the right-hand side of the software. Choose the "Auction Leader" in the "Send to" dropdown box, enter your message and send. The auction leader will read and respond to these messages as they are able to, depending on the amount of activity during the auction. NOTE: This messaging feature CANNOT be used to place bids.
  3. What will I experience during the auction?
    Once the auction starts, the auctioneer will announce the lot number and call the sale. If you are connected to the teleconference software, you will see the lot number, description, and an image of the lot on your computer screen automatically. The auctioneer will indicate the bidder number of the high bidder - so be sure to listen for your number when bidding. Please call at least 30 minutes prior to the auction start time or 20 lots prior to the lot on which you wish to bid.
  4. Is the Teleconference software compatible with Apple Macintosh?
    Currently, Apple Macintosh users can still bid in a webcast auction, but cannot use the teleconference software to view the lot number, photo and description of the lot currently up for sale in real-time. Macintosh users must listen to the auctioneer and manually flip through the lot catalog posted on the website themselves by pressing "next" at the top of an asset page.

    To participate using a Mac:
    1. Register for the auction to get a bidder number and call the teleconference number provided. You can still bid in the auction by pressing the *1 (to raise paddle) ands # (to lower paddle) on your telephone.
    2. Click Lot Catalog on the right hand side of the auction's detail page. Listen to the auctioneer call the current lot#, click on that asset in the list, and press "Next" to follow along.
  5. The tones on my phone are not being recognized. How do I confirm my telephone works?
    If you are new to bidding at this type of webcast teleconference or are using a new telephone, call the following support numbers:
    • 1 888 865 7469 (North America)
    • +44 (0) 1452 556 226 (Europe)
    • 1800 766 770 (Australia)
    • +61 2 8273 9997 (Hong Kong)
    • 1800 616 3051 (Singapore)
    • +1 706 643 3559 (All other locations)
  6. I repeatedly pressed *1 on my phone & my bid was not accepted by the auctioneer.
    Repeatedly pressing *1 will NOT WORK because the operator will not able to tell if that is legitimate bid. Bidders should only press the *1 key ONCE and hold it down for 2 seconds.
  7. I used the messaging feature on the teleconference software and got no response.
    How quickly the auction leader can answer you depends on how much activity there is. When busy, auction leader will be unable to type a response. Please be patient.
  8. Why does the teleconference screen pop to the front each time the lot changes?
    Our webcast software was built specifically to make the window active at each refresh. We have experienced multiple problems with people "multitasking" or passively participating while the software is open. They inadvertently pressed wrong buttons, complained they missed the lots, and etc. If you are not bidding, you may choose to navigate the lot catalog manually and listen to the auction over your computer speaker.
  9. How do I get ready to bid on selected lots if I am listening on Internet audio?
    At least 20 items PRIOR to your selected lot, you will need to do the following:
    1. Click the "telephone" button on the webcast software toolbar.
    2. Dial the teleconference phone number in the drop down dialog box. An auction operator will ask for your name and if you are logged onto the Internet.
    3. You will hear the live auctioneer via you telephone once you are connected for bidding.
    4. Now wait for the lot to appear on your computer screen and listen to the auctioneer to indicate that your item is up for bid.
  10. How do I change from listening on the telephone to listening on the Internet?
    Click the "Internet" icon on the teleconference software toolbar, and follow the instructions. You will hear the auctioneer on your computer speakers if the toolbar indicator says, "audio playing". You will NOT hear any audio until your computer is through preparing (caching). Don't forget to hang up the phone once you hear Internet audio.
  11. How will the auctioneer know who is the final Internet bidder?
    An on-site Auction Facilitator will ensure that the auctioneer has the bidder number of each winning Internet bidder.
  12. Can I join the auction after the scheduled start time?
    Yes, you will join the auction at the lot that is currently up for bid. This will appear on your computer screen if you are using the software.


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