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Aviation Liquidation Center - 2009

Shipping Information

Unless stated otherwise, auction buyers are solely responsible for:

  1. Removing assets from their current location before the "clearance/removal date" stated in the relevant "Notice to Purchasers" or on your Paid-In-Full invoice,
  2. Packing or dismantling items, and
  3. Transporting assets to their new location.
  4. Buyers or shippers must provide GoIndustry USA/DoveBid Inc with the required insurance before any work can begin. Approved Shippers listed on our website have provided the required insurance and are approved to do equipment clearance. Other shippers will not be allowed access to the plant area.


As of June 9, 2009 riggers and machinery movers outside of our plan will not be allowed to do any onsite work at GoIndustry Dovebid auctions.

Only GoIndustry DoveBid Approved Riggers/Machinery Movers will be allowed to provide services to our buyers. For a complete listing of Approved Riggers and Machinery Movers, please click here.

  1. For Hand Cartable items, buyers will still be able to remove their own purchases without any insurance requirements; for purchases that require any type of machinery for removal, the buyer will need to provide the proper insurance (click here for sample insurance certificate). The buyer must submit his insurance certificate, in exact accordance with the sample, at least 24 hours prior to his scheduled removal. If the buyer does not wish to do this, they can then contract with one of our Approved Riggers or Machinery Movers.
  2. Buyers can contract with their own Freight Forwarder to pick up items at the dock but only if that Freight Forwarder supplies us with the insurance as shown in our sample.
  3. If the buyer is hiring their own Freight Forwarder, they will need to contract with one of our Approved Riggers or machinery Movers to prepare the assets for shipping.
  4. Only our Approved Riggers and Machinery Movers will be permitted work access within the facility.

For more information regarding this policy, please contact Amanda Ochoa at 480-609-3317, M-F 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Arizona Time or by email at

Buyers may either pick-up purchased assets themselves or contract with a third- party Logistics Service Provider to arrange for asset removal, packing, dismantling, or shipping (always subject to applicable Health and Safety guidelines).

PLEASE NOTE: GoIndustry DoveBid does NOT quote, arrange, pack, move or ship items itself. If buyers require assistance with logistics services, buyers are solely responsible to identify and hire a qualified third-party service provider.

Logistics Service Providers

For a list of third-party logistics service companies who have experience and expertise in handling the unique transportation needs of auction buyers, click on the following link:

Directory of Approved Riggers, Machinery Movers & Logistics Companies

As a service to you, we list these local and global logistics service providers who understand GoIndustry DoveBid's removal process, offer specific services, and have certain skills and capacities. Our goal is to bring buyers in contact with reliable, price competitive riggers, packers, movers and carriers. These service providers are familiar with GoIndustry DoveBid's checkout and clearance process.

Please note that GoIndustry DoveBid's listed service providers do NOT work for GoIndustry DoveBid. They are independent contractors. The providers are listed as a customer service only. Any instruction given is at your own risk and expense. GoIndustry DoveBid is not in any way liable for any acts or omissions of the providers.

Important Information for Checkout and Shipping

Following is an overview of the process and topics for buyers to consider when preparing to collect assets purchased at GoIndustry DoveBid auctions:

  1. What is the checkout / clearance process?
  2. How to determine what service(s) you need?
  3. How to obtain a logistics services price quote?
  4. Where are my assets?
The Checkout / Clearance Process

Picking-up and removing equipment yourself:

  1. Pay for your equipment in full.
  2. Receive a "paid-in-full invoice" or other proof of payment from the auction's site manager, accounting manager, or Customer Service.
  3. If an appointment is necessary, make a removal appointment with the sale site contact AFTER you have paid in full. Checkout contact information is listed at the bottom of your "paid-in-full" invoice.
  4. If no appointment is necessary, confirm the asset location & removal schedule and go to the specified location to pick-up the assets.
  5. Present your proof of payment to the on-site check-out / clearance contact.
  6. Find and gather your assets and sign the auction invoice acknowledging your receipt of all purchases. You agree all goods sold and received are AS IS, WHERE IS, WITH ALL FAULTS. This will prove you received your purchase in full.

Using a third-party provider to pick-up and remove equipment for you:

  1. If you cannot collect your purchases in person, you must contract with an Approved third-party provider (See attached Directory) for the services you need.
  2. Determine which logistics provider you will hire and how the assets will be shipped.
  3. Pay for your equipment in full.
  4. When anyone other than the registered buyer is assigned to pickup purchased assets, the registered buyer must establish that other person/ company as an "Authorized Agent" to collect the assets on the buyer's behalf by completing the "Agent Release Authorization form" (Acrobat PDF) in USA, or elsewhere by advising Sale Checkout / Clearance Contact in writing.
  5. Receive a "paid-in-full invoice" or other proof of payment from the auction's site manager, accounting manager, or Customer Service.
  6. Fax or email a copy of the "paid-in-full invoice" or other proof of payment to your third-party logistics provider.
  7. If an appointment is necessary, make a removal appointment with the removal checkout / clearance contact AFTER you have paid in full. Checkout contact information is listed at the bottom of your "paid in full" invoice.
  8. Have the Authorized Agent present your proof of payment to on-site checkout / clearance contact.
  9. The on-site checkout / clearance contact will identify your assets. Your Authorized Agent will then need to sign the auction invoice acknowledging receipt on your behalf of all purchases from this location. Your Authorized Agent's signature will acknowledge your receipt of all goods sold and received are AS IS, WHERE IS, WITH ALL FAULTS. This will prove your equipment was removed from the location and either taken to an off-site location for packaging or packaged at their current location.

How to get a price quote

To obtain a price quote, contact a provider directly. You should advise them of the following information:

  1. The name/ date of the auction and location of the asset(s)
  2. A copy of your Paid in Full invoice
  3. A list of Lot numbers (or a description of the assets)
  4. A ship-to address
How to determine what service(s) you need?

Most assets purchased at auction are not prepared, packaged or otherwise ready for shipment upon pickup. Assets are generally sold from commercial environments and are in AS IS WHERE IS condition. As an auction buyer, you may require of one or more logistics services to collect, prepare and ship your purchases. Below is a list of common services you may need:

Most assets purchased at an auction need to be prepared before they can be safely shipped. Fragile equipment like computers and microscopes may require to be foam-packed or protected in bubble-wrap. If you purchase multiple assets, they may be able to be consolidated into one box or crate before shipping. Most carriers (see below) will not accept loose or unpackaged freight. Once items are packed, they need to be prepared (forms completed) and handed to the carrier of choice.

Machine Moving / Rigging
Large, complicated machinery may need to be disconnected, disassembled, and loaded onto transport. Riggers (Millwrights) can provide these services and may also be helpful in documenting the dismantling process and labeling connections in order to make set up and reconfiguration more efficient on the receiving end.

Freight Forwarders / Carriers:
Once assets are packed or crated, they need to be prepared for the carrier of choice: forms filled out, pickup appointment scheduled, and physical hand-off to the carrier's truck. Our listed third-party logistics service providers offer this as part of their standard service.

Shipping / International Transportation
Land, air, or ocean container transportation across international borders usually involves the additional complexities of specially-prepared documents which enable goods to pass customs checkpoints without penalties or delays. GoIndustry DoveBid's listed providers have the experience required to manage these complexities.

Insurance when Contracting with an Approved Provider: We recommend that you discuss optional insurance on your purchases with the 3rd party Rigger/Machinery Mover/Freight Forwarder for the time the assets are in their possesion.

Where are my assets?

Once GoIndustry DoveBid has released the equipment to the buyer or its approved service provider, GoIndustry DoveBid is no longer involved. Claims made after the equipment is released and signed-for should be made to the service provider or the carrier directly once a tracking number has been assigned.

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