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Stripping and Stacking Line

Private Treaty Sale
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Description: Stripping and Stacking Line including all stations required to remove products from the moulds and automatically stack with 3-crosswise spacer strips insterted between each product. Position (1) is the Transfer Conveyor, Motorized Roller Convyor 1400mm x 1400mm. Reduction Gear Motor controlled by inverter. Position (2) is the Special Mould Holding Station. When mould arrives in this station, it is clamped down in a fixed position. Special up-stroking pins lift the pressed product along with the steel top cover. Table Dimensions 1400mm x 3000mm. Motor controlled by inverter. Position (3) is the Vacuum Unloading Unit. This has 2-Special Handling Units running on a common runway. 1-Removes top steel cover and lays it down on the chain transfer. The other removes the pressed product and lays it down in stacks. Maximum Steel Cover Plate 1200mm x 2500mm. Maximum Steel Cover Weight 350Kg. Steel Plate on left side Stroke 1500mm. Maximum lifting capacity 500Kg. Maximum product size 1220mm x 2550mm. Maximum product weight 200Kg. Three independent uploading stations including (2) for the 312-Metric Ton Presses and (1) for the 1500-Metric Ton Press. Position (4) is a Motorized Roller Conveyor installed at floor level. Dimensions 1400mm x 2800mm. Position (5) is a Motorized Roller Conveyor to supply each position. Dimensions 1400mm x 2500mm. Position (6) is the Wood Strip Spacer Racks. Each rack carries three 30mm x 30mm wood strip magazines. Three spacers can be placed between each product. The lower support of each rack is vertically movable so that the pick-up height is constant. Racks are fitted with wheels to facilitate easy loading. Position (7) Chain Top-Plate Receiving Conveyor. The top plate is received on this conveyor and transferred to the cooling chamber. Dimensions 2800mm x 2000mm. Driven chains controlled by inverter. Position (8) Cooling Chamber for Top Steel Covers. The steel covers are collected by motorized chain conveyor and tilted up 90 Deg on edge so that turbulent air will cool the panels effectively. It is designed to allow 15 covers to be in the cooling chamber with an output of one every 50 seconds. Air Volume 20.000 mc/hr. Dissipated Energy 150 Kw/hr. Inlet Air Temperature 25 Deg. C. Outlet Air Temperature 45 Deg C. Transfer speed synchronized with female mould speed. Maximum top cover plate temperature 180 Deg C. Outlet top cover plate temperature 100 Deg C. Number of top cover plates in cirulation - 15. Position (9) is the Top Steel Plate Unloading Chain Conveyor which takes the cooled top cover plates and laid down to be moved to transfer conveyor. Dimensions 2800mm x 2000mm. Driven chains controlled by inverter. Position (10) is the transfer conveyor. Once this conveyor receives the cooled top cover plates, it transfers them back to the loading station. Dimensions 1400mm x 2800mm. Motor controlled by inverter.
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Contact: Private Treaty Office (USA)
Telephone: +1 480-609-5846
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