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Online Auctions

The online process is free to use, accessible by anyone with an internet connection. Set out below are some pointers should you need assistance.

Browsing our website for corporate or auction-related information is completely free and does not require you to create an account.

To bid in an online auction or to use the Alert feature, you must register. It requires just a few minutes and some simple information (see steps below). Once you register, your account can be used for future auctions. Registration is completely free.

Creating a website account is free. It allows you to also use our Alert features whereby you can set your own preferences to be notified about future industry specific sales. To create an account, click "Register Now" in the navigation bar on the homepage. Then complete the required fields on the registration form, including a valid email address, password, and unique Sign-in name. Once you have completed the form, click "Continue."

Usernames and passwords must contain at least 8 characters with a minimum of one lower-case letter, one upper-case letter and one digit. Only A-Z, 0-9, brackets (]), underscores (_), or hyphens (-) are permitted. Passwords are case sensitive.

Registration information will be used in accordance with the GoIndustry DoveBid Privacy Policy.

You must 1) be at least 18 years of age and 2) agree to GoIndustry DoveBid's Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Begin the account registration process.

Changing Account Information

You can change any of your registration information (contact information, categories of interest, email address or password) from the My account button on the menu once you are signed-in.

Lost Password: from the Sign-in page, GoIndustry DoveBid can retrieve your password and email it to you within several minutes.

Common Registration and Sign-in Problems

Nothing happens when I click on "Continue" or "Submit." I stay at the same page. I cannot register for a sale.

The most common problems include:

  • Cookies are not enabled: GoIndustry DoveBid utilizes a feature of your browser called "cookies," a small data file stored on your hard drive that lets us know if you've been here before and helps us provide you a tailored experience. Some browsers have cookies "turned off." To enable (or turn on) cookies, look under the Properties or Options settings or even search under the Help menu of your browser.
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer 7.0: to ensure a seamless experience on you should upgrade your browser to version 7.0 or higher (to find out your version, select "Help, About Internet Explorer" from the menu bar.) To upgrade, choose "Tools, Windows Update."
  • IE browser security settings: some are set to "Custom" or something other than "Medium" - You must change your security settings to Medium (choose "Tools, Internet Options, Security")
  • A full cache: a full cache means there are too many (or an older version of the) internet files and cookies on your hard drive.
How to Clear the Cache on major browsers

In order to speed up web browsing, web browsers are designed to download web pages store them locally on your hard disk in an area called a "cache". When you visit the same page for a second time, the browser speeds up display time by loading the page locally from cache instead of downloading everything again. This sometimes results in less than current versions of web pages being displayed.

Sometimes you might not want a page to be retrieved from cache. The page you displayed initially may be different than the page currently offered by the Web. If a modification to a particular URL has occurred, you may want the updated page rather than the copy in cache.

Clearing the cache on Microsoft® Internet Explorer 9.0

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Click Gear Icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Click Safety.
  4. Click Delete Browsing History.
  5. Uncheck ‘Preserve Favorites website data’.
  6. Check ‘Temporary Internet Files’ and ‘History’.
  7. Click the ‘Delete’ button.
  8. Internet Explorer will delete your selections, you will get a notification at the bottom of the screen once it completes.

Clearing the cache on Microsoft® Internet Explorer 8.0

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Click Tools in the upper toolbar or click on the Tools icon.
  3. Click Internet Options and choose the General tab.
  4. Click Delete under 'Browsing History'.
  5. Uncheck 'Preserve Favorites website data'.
  6. Check 'Temporary Internet Files', 'Cookies', and 'History'.
  7. Click the 'Delete' button.
  8. Click Close and then OK.

Clearing the cache on Microsoft® Internet Explorer 7.0

  1. Click Start and select Settings, then Control Panel.
  2. Double-click Internet Options.
  3. Click the General tab.
  4. Click Delete under the Browsing History section.
  5. Click Delete Files in the Delete Browsing History dialog box.
  6. Click Close.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Close and relaunch your browser.

Clearing the cache on Chrome version 25.0.1 for Windows and Mac

  1. Open the settings on Chrome. Click the wrench icon in the upper right corner of the browser.
  2. Click settings on the bottom of the menu.
  3. Click 'Show advanced settings…', located at the very bottom of the settings section.
  4. Scroll to the Privacy section and click 'Clear browsing data'.
  5. Select Empty the cache. Uncheck all other options to avoid deleting browser history, cookies and other things you may wish to retain.
  6. Change 'Obliterate the following items from' to the beginning of time.
  7. Then click on 'Clear browsing data'.

Clearing the cache on Firefox 19

  1. Click the Firefox button and then choose Options. NOTE: If you're using the menu bar, choose Tools and then Clear Recent History.
  2. With the Options window open, click the Privacy tab.
  3. In the History area, click the Clear your recent history link. Set the Time range to clear: to everything.
  4. Uncheck everything except for Cache.
  5. Click on the Clear Now button.

Clearing the cache on Firefox 3 and 4

  1. Select ‘Tools’ from the tabs on the browser.
  2. A pop-up box will appear called ‘Clear Private Data’.
  3. Make sure the ‘Cache’ checkbox is selected then click on the ‘clear Private Data’ button.
  4. Then click on the ‘reload’ current page.

Clearing the cache on Safari 4 and 5 for Windows

  1. Open Safari.
  2. Click on Tools (gears icon) in the upper right toolbar and select Reset Safari.
  3. Click Empty Cache and Remove All Cookies.
  4. Click the Reset button.
  5. Exit and re-launch the browser.

Clearing the cache on Safari 4-6 for Mac

  1. Open Safari browser and click on ‘Safari’ from drop-down menu.
  2. Select ‘Empty cache’.
  3. Pop-up message appears saying ‘Are you sure you want to empty the cache?’
  4. Select ‘empty’.
Finding Assets

There are three ways to find assets at GoIndustry DoveBid:-

1. Browse by Auction: GoIndustry DoveBid organizes its equipment listings by auction. View the Auction Calendar.

2. Search: use the search box located at the top of the screen to find specific equipment. Just type a word, phrase, manufacturer, etc into the box and press 'go.' Your request will cause GoIndustry DoveBid to search its databases and display all matching items on the Search Results page, if required, you can filter your search terms using the advanced search feature.

3. Contact GoIndustry DoveBid: if your search resulted in no matches, please contact Customer Service. One of our industry experts discuss your requirements and advise likely availability as appropriate. All enquires to


Once you are signed-in, the auction has started, and you have found the right lot, enter a price in the "bid box" on the asset's details page. You can enter either the Next Allowable Bid or the maximum price you will pay for each lot. Now press "Place Bid" on the Asset Detail page. You will then be taken to the "Confirm Bid" page where you can change, cancel or submit your bid. To complete bidding, enter your password at the bottom of this page and press "Submit." At this point you will be told if your bid was accepted and can place a higher bid. Once the bid is placed you will be able to view it on the asset's detail page.

Autobid: an auto bid is the maximum amount you would like to bid on for an item. The online bidding system will automatically place bids on your behalf if there are other bids placed. It will only come into play if there’s another bidder, this means you will not necessarily pay the maximum amount entered. The autobid will only move up outside the normal bid increments if: There is another autobid on that lot. Your autobid is greater than, or matches the reserve price. In this scenario the current highest bid will be displayed as the reserve price. The auto bid amount can be increased at any time. Note: AutoBid does not work with Multi-Lot, Multi-Price auctions.

Partial Quantities: if the Asset is sold using a Multiple-Lot format, choose the total number (quantity) of lots you will purchase each at that price and indicate whether you will accept a smaller number of lots (lesser quantity) than your desired quantity.

Bidding Activity and History: to see the bidding history of an item, click "Auction Summary" at the top of the Asset Detail page. The highest bidder will be at the top of the page followed by lower bids along with the corresponding bidder sign-in paddle numbers.

New Bidders: please note your screen (browser) will NOT update automatically. Refresh your browser (press F5 in MS Internet Explorer) to get the latest information.

Dynamic Closing: many times auction end times are extended as a courtesy to bidders with slower Internet connections. Bids placed on any lot number within the last 10 minutes of that lots scheduled closing time will extend the close time on that lot for 10 additional minutes. This process will continue until there is no bidding activity for 10 minutes on that lot number.

There may be additional opportunities for you to still find the asset you need on our website or through our dealer network. Contact Customer Service for assistance.

Bid and Asset Cancellations

Cancelling a Bid: to cancel a bid you have placed, contact Customer Service immediately with the Asset ID# and an explanation. You may not cancel a bid once you have won the item or the sale has closed.

NOTE: GoIndustry DoveBid will retract or modify bids for typing errors only or if instructed by the seller. "Changing your mind," failure to read the item's description closely, or other 'bidder's remorse' reasons will not be accepted.

If the high bidder withdraws, GoIndustry DoveBid may contact the second-place bidder to offer the item at the same price as the original bidder. The second place bidder at that time is under no obligation to purchase the item.

Removed Assets: it is possible for an item to be closed or removed early by the seller whether the reserve is met or not. As part of our stated Terms & Conditions, GoIndustry DoveBid reserves the right to edit or remove Assets listed on its site without notice.

After the Auction

Once the item has closed (its closing time has expired), it is either sold to the highest bidder or remains unsold because 1) there were no bids or 2) the bids did not meet the Reserve Price.

Reserve Price Not Met: if the reserve is not met at the close time of an auction, the Seller has the option of accepting the highest bidder's price, closing the auction, or relisting the asset at the same or lower price.

Winning Bidders: if your bid is the highest bid at the close of the auction AND the bid is at or above the Reserve price, you win. Winning bidders will be notified via email and should receive a final invoice within 24 hours after the auction has ended. The invoice will have payment, removal, and shipping instructions.

Sending Payment: your invoice will include payment instructions and options.

Shipping, Transportation and Logistics: removal of the asset from its current location and shipping it to its desired new location is the responsibility of the Buyer. If the asset does not specify shipping information, contact Customer Service for terms PRIOR to bidding.

Listing and Adding Assets

Do you have capital equipment, which for some reason has become surplus to requirements? With Assetzone there is now an easy way to sell these surplus assets fast.

Assetzone provides you with a convenient, fast and easy way to get your surplus assets into one of our industry-focused online equipment market auctions, providing exposure to tens of thousands of buyers across the world. For more information contact

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