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Asset intelligence

The valuation of assets, applying specialist knowledge, information, skills and experience.


GoIndustry DoveBid is one of the world's largest asset consulting and advisory firms providing valuation, audit and sale advice for machinery & equipment, inventory assets and accounts receivables. We can also provide valuations of real estate and intangible assets through our global and strategic partnerships with leaders in these fields.

Our Asset Valuation Process - a brief insight
  • Our asset valuation advice will normally help to support a transaction relating to debt funding, accounting compliance and tax management or to support advisors in a distressed or insolvent situation;
  • Our valuation report and advice will always include a description of the assets and their marketplace and, if applicable, commentary surrounding lender risk, amortization profiles and asset management. In addition major assets are digitally photographed to record their condition and the characteristics of the manufacturing operation;
  • The bases of each valuation is determined by our customer, but the majority of our plant, machinery & equipment asset valuation advice is normally based on a Market Value (MV), either on an In-Situ or Ex-Situ basis and our inventory asset valuation is normally based on a Net Orderly Liquidation Value (NOLV);
  • That means that the Market Value or Net Orderly Liquidation Value is based on a well ordered sale of the assets, so our advice will always take into account the exit (selling) costs that our customer will have to account for.

Find out more about how we can help you with your specific asset valuation requirements. Contact GoIndustry DoveBid Valuation Services

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